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Sector 9 Longboards are now available again in the UK, check out this years boards!
bamboo longboards Sector 9 'Bamboo Series'

With an eye towards the environment, and a patented laminating process, Sector 9 are now making boards from 100% bamboo. An ideal raw material, bamboo can regenerate itself by up to 4 feet a week. Incredibly strong & resilient, it had to be made into a skateboard. Save a tree - Ride a weed.
Sector 9 'Cloud 9 Series'

Ever been sitting on Cloud 9? It's not bad but you ought to try riding it! You'll see why Sector9 adopted the name when you try riding one of these boards.This series ranges from flexy cruisers to longboards for the aggressive street skater.
sector 9 longboards cloud 9 series
sector 9 longboards mini series Sector 9 'Mini Series'

Sector 9 is making little tiny longboards that you can take anywhere so you don't have to drain your wallet at the pump.
Sector 9 'Cosmic Series'

Fibreglass & maple construction gives these boards a life of their own. Discover the true meaning of sidewalk surfing when you feel the control & fluid motion these boards provide.
cosmic sector 9 long boards
sector 9 longboards platinum Sector 9 'Platinum Series'

This series represents our continued dedication to creating the most advanced & highest quality skateboards available. Assembled with top of the line components, these boards are the ultimate carving machines.
Sector 9 'Sidewinder Series'

Finally a new dimension in turning capability. The first board in an emerging series, the Hydra is here. Equipped with the patent pending Sidewinder 2 truck from Gullwing & super grippy 69mm slalom wheels, this board will take your turning radius to new levels.
sector 9 long boards sidewinder series
sector 9 longboards OG end Sector 9 'OG Series'

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