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long board wheels Long board wheels come in so many size and harnesses, from 85mm longboard racing wheels to 65mm slalom wheels. We stock everything from Abec11 Gumballs to Krytonics to cheaper budget wheels such as the Urban Blue. Check out the Wheels page for all your wheeled requirements .
There are many different longboard trucks designed specifically for your riding style, from Randals to Holey to Trackers, each designed for your pleasure. longboard trucks
longboard bearings Longboard bearings are all abec rated, from a 3 to 11, more importantly than the abec rating is the quality of the bearings, some top quality abec 5's run faster than some 9's, choose wisely !
Gloves... seriously useful keeping skin on your hands and off the tarmac, slide away ! longboard gloves
longboards nuts and bolts To fit your crispy new longboard together you will be in need of some nuts and bolts, we stock every kind of bolt needed for your trucks and your board. Have a look in here for griptape if your needing
Longboard DVDs, new ones always arriving , check back for more ! longboard DVDs
khiro products Longboard Bushings

Large selection of bushings for your longboard, if there are any you would like that arent on our site please email.

At Khiro Skateboard Products we have developed an extensive product line of bushings using highly advanced compounding techniques combined with the best possible materials to produce the most advanced and largest selection of bushings in the World. We also have some of the best riders on the planet. Khiro bushings are ready to ride.
Longboard Risers, from specialist risers to standard skateboard risers, if theres any you need that arent listed, please dont hesitate to contact longboard risers
code tools longboards Longboard Tools

Choose from a range of tools for your longboard, more coming soon!
Thrill Longboard Magazine

- Finally the UK longboard scene has it own magazine. Thrill magazine is packed cover to cover with what has been happening in the latter part of 2012 in the UK and a cheeky little bit from California.
longboard magazine
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