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urban blue long boards Following on from the very successful launch of the Urban Blue Longboard range in early 2004 UB has since added 2 new board profiles and their own range of trucks. The range has become renowned for offering the best quality specifications and the most realistic prices of any boards available. The top specification boards are fitted with the highest quality longboard wheels available, Kryptonic Classic K's. Try this range of longboards if your new to longboarding and want a high spec budget long board for your Florida holidays from Ocean Florida.
The Lush LongBoards have evolved over the years, developed on the streets, parks and hills of Sheffield and the epic runs of the Derbyshire Peak District, to encompass every style of riding from street to pure downhill speed. The carve series includes models for cruising, carving and slashing your way around the black-top, headed by the flagship Kisiwa - the longboard of all longboards. 28" to 58". The composite series mixes traditional wood cores with high tech carbon and glassfibre construction to give superb flex and longevity in lightweight and ultra strong decks . The Spooky sits by itself in a world of it's own - a board designed purely for riding at balls-out speed. Fast, stable and designed with the race-winning drop thru trucks format. Every board lush produces at every price point is fitted with the very best hardware lush can squeeze in for the cost. lush long boards
loaded long boards Loaded Longboards produce top end longboards, each deck has months of design and the performance is matched to this. Loaded's design is simple, enginerr the boards so that the decks and trucks interact to create a synergistic carving system, thats why loaded longboards design the boards around the trucks. The current skate deck lineup is constructed of the best of snowboard materials technology and skateboard inspired design. Concave and convex cambers, triaxle fiberglass and more. Form follows function. Check out these amazing boards.
Sector 9 Longboards carving series is about the freedom of the open road and the joy of finding a freshly paved hill, just begging you to lay down some clean lines. This series is designed for cruising and big carves, check sector 9 out. sector 9 long boards
landyachtz long boards Landyachtz Longboards are manufactured in North Vancouver, BC by a small crew of guys who have a passion for riding. Landyachtz been making boards since 1997, and we've grown like crazy every yearand pride themselves on making the best quality boards on the market, with the most diverse, functional, and unique line-up out there. Landyachtz Longboards love all types of skating - street, park, downhill, racing, carving, cruisin, slalom; our line-up of boards reflects that. Their main goal is to bring quality longboards (and good times) to as many people throughout the world as we can.
Gravity Skateboards has been a dedicated manufacturer of high performance, quality longboard skateboards and specialty skateboards since 1994. They do our best to provide a wide range of skateboards, wheels and accessories to stoke out skateboarders of all different styles. So whatever you are into we have the setup for you. gravity long boards
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