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Khiro Barrel Bushings Set £47.50      
2 sets of each “Barrel Bushing” in all (7) durometers; X-Soft White- (73A), Mild Soft Orange- (79A), Soft Blue-(85A), Med.Soft Red-(90A), Med Hard Yellow-(92A), Hard Black-(95A), and Extra Hard Purple-(98A) as well as 4 small pivot bushings – 2 soft, 2 hard, and 4 Large pivot bushings – 2 soft, 2 hard- And now, 2 Top Cup Washers, and 2 Bottom Cup Washers to round out a complete “All Truck Tune-Up Kit”!! All this and a Hardcore Khiro sticker too, contained in a Heavy duty polypropylene see through case with snap lock hinges measuring 3-5/8" X 7" to fit in any skate bag, or trunk for that quick tune up! The case itself can be kept and restocked up as needed, essential kit for any store or avid skater. board separator Khiro Barrel Bushings Set
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