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Landyachtz - Switchblade 2012 £175.00      
If you're a beginner looking for an ultra-low ride to get around the city, or an experienced rider aspiring to be one of the best in the world; the switchblade is the weapon you're going to want to bring to battle.

Features include:
- symmetrical shape ideal for free-riding
- .88'' dropped platform for a lower center of gravity and more stability - 31.5'' wheel base and 40.5'' overall length
- 9 ply's of Canadian maple provide a solid ride with-out a tone of weight - an aggressive concave to keep your feet in place
- The top mount or drop through mounting option allows you to choose between more turn and traction or more stability and slide.
- Artwork by Jeral Tidwell

This board will suit any serious rider's needs on the biggest hills in the world, all the while comfortably getting them to the grocery store as well.

Length - 40.5''
Width - 10''
Wheelbase - 31.50''
Construction - Maple
Concave - Aggressive
Flex - None

Set up Spec
Setup 1 Grizzly Black 852s Zombie 70mm wheels - Yellow Bear Abec 7
Setup 2 Deck Only

Please contact for a custom setup.
board separator Landyachtz - Switchblade 2012
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Landyachtz - Switchblade 2012
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