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Lush Longboards Antuna £250.00 £210.00      
Length: 38'' / 96.5cm
Width: 10.05'' / 25.6cm
Wheelbase: 29.26'' / 74.3cm, 28.8'' / 73.1cm, 28.47'' / 72.3cm
Nose: 1.8'' / 4.6cm - 2.3'' / 5.8cm
Tail: 1.8'' / 4.6cm - 2.3'' / 5.8cm
Construction: 9 ply 100% canadian maple with 4X
Profile: 0.75'' / 1.9cm rocker
Concave: 0.7'' / 1.8cm, mellow at the front, steep at the back
Max Weight: 20st / 127kg / 280 lbs
Flex: Race Stiff

The Antuna is a mid-size topmount speedboard sharing the same DNA as
the Shocker and Vandella, shaped by the minds of Chris Vanstone, Darren
Rathbone and Rich Auden. Lush decided to make this a ''guest'' board to the
legendary Manu Antuna, who was a pioneer in alpine mountain skateboarding.
Many of you may not have heard of him and there is little footage on the internet
of Manu but he RULED! Taking a no-footbarking slide style and a crazy ''euro
tuck'' to the US downhill races of his day, Manu showed the world what was
possible on a longboard and influenced the guys at Lush greatly.
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