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Lush Elevator Longboard £180.00      
Length 40''/101cm
Width 9.75''/24.8cm
Wheelbase 30.6''/77.7cm, 31''/78.7cm, 31.3''/79.5cm
Nose 1.5''/3.8cm, 1.94''/4.9cm
Tail 2.15''/5.5cm, 2.54''/6.5cm
Construction 8ply 100% Canadian Maple
Profile Rockered 0.75''/1.9cm
Concave 0.625''/1.6cm
Max Weight 15ST/95KG/210LBS
Flex Medium

The Elevator is the latest incarnation of that Lush surfy/snowboardy classic ''The Samba.'' We have lost the truck mountings on the kicktails as of Sambas past and replaced it with our exclusive ''Rocker'' mold. With a few minor shape tweaks and the deep concave to lock your feet in, 8 ply construction and Rocker Profile we feel this is the most accomplished version of one of our classic shapes. If you're after a versitile topmount freeride deck that maintains the surfy feel of the Samba, look no further.

* Topmount with 0.75'' of rocker for a low, comfortable foot platform, but still with the surfy/powdery feel and control of a topmount.
* 0.625'' Concave - enough for a secure footing, but not so much that you can't move your feet around. Feel is everything and we believe we've perfected it with this rocker/concave combo.
* Big cutouts allow super-loose trucks with no fear of wheelbite
* Semi-symetrical shape, along similar lines to the Shocker, Vandella and Sequel, is comfortable going backwards but still features the directional rear ''wings'' for super positive back foot positioning.
* Adjustable wheelbase front and back to dial in your ride
* 8ply Canadian Maple gives enough flex for comfort, but enough stiffness to lock in the big standies on demand
* Mini kick nose and tail
* Our new rail profile - sharp at the top, chamfered on the underside. As featured on our Race boards like the Vandella and Sequel
* Complete with the now-famous Cult Classics and high-end Sabre Trucks and bushings

* Chrome finish graphics, artwork by Tom Moore
board separator Lush Elevator Longboard
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Lush Elevator Longboard
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Lush Elevator Longboard
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