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Lush Lopez Longboard £199.00 £165.00      
Length 43'' / 109cm
Width 9.5''/24cm
Wheelbase 29.75''/75.5cm, 31.84''/81cm
Nose 3'' / 8cm
Tail 3.88''/10cm, 6''/15cm
Construction 7ply 100% canadian maple, walnut and cherry
Profile Camber with mini kicktail
Concave Mellow - front loaded
Max Weight 16st/100kg/225lbs
Flex Medium

Description and further detail

The Lopez is our take on the classic ''Pintail'' longboard with a very functional yet retrospective design Inspired by 1970's Surfboards. The Lopez is an amazing board for cruising the street but can still handle a decent bit of speed. We decided to add a double wheelbase on this board so you can either set it on the long wheelbase (as supplied) for a more flexy but stable ride or shorten it so you have a decent length kicktail for more trick/surf style riding and reduced flex pattern. The Lopez also features double wheel wells so you can run ''Reverse Kingpin'' Trucks or regular style skateboard trucks and still carve nice and tight with a greatly reduced chance of getting wheelbite whilst maintaining a low ride.

43''x 9.5''
29.75'' / 31.84'' Wheelbase/s
Concave, Cambered and Kicktail
7ply Beech
Coloured top ply RED
0.6mm Walnut/Cherry veneer bottom ply 3 stringers

43''x 9.5'' Classic Winged Pintail shape
Choice of 29.75'' / 31.84'' Wheelbases
Concave, Cambered and Kicktail
7ply Canadian Maple, 3 stringer 1ply Walnut/Cherry veneered bottom ply
Double Wheel wells for RKP or regular geometry trucks

Surf Style Foil Graphics by Phil Harvey
board separator Lush Lopez Longboard
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