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Loaded Poke £149.95      
The Poke is a performance bamboo composite longboard designed to carve and slash through the urban landscape. Whether you’re shredding around campus between classes, navigating your way through town, or dicing up your favorite neighborhood hills, the Poke is here to fill your appetite to ride. “I’ve been at the helm for 17 years and I’ve never ridden another skateboard that pushes the limits of both cruising and public indecency like this little fella,” says Captain Merrill Stubing.

Joining a pond of playful performers, the Poke is the latest incarnation of the Fish and Ceviche, mellow-mannered cousin of the Kanthaka, and little sibling to the Fattail. Nimble, highly pumpable, and freestyle-friendly, this versatile city commuter keeps up with your every whim and makes each outing a creative, dynamic adventure. Vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction provides a lightweight and snappy board with just the right amount of flex. “The exquisite flavors of Poke startle you, providing a sense that while Poke was invented in Hawaii the art has been perfected in the parking garages of Los Angeles and the surrounding environs,” chews Jonathan Gold.

The Poke features radial concave aggressive enough for quick and controlled transitions from rail to rail but comfortable enough for commuting. Slight rocker creates a subtle cradling effect, which is enhanced by mellow wheel well flares at either end of the standing platform. An ample kicktail inspires confidence for hard carving, slashing, and freestyle trickery, while a wide upturned nose creates a comfortable platform for manuals and shuvits.

“The Poke has fast become our in-house favorite for covert counter-intelligence activities and saving damsels/mansels in distress.” - Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV

Set up Spec
Setup 1 Paris Trucks Raw (150mm) Orangatang 4President( orange , purple or yellow) Loaded Jedu
Setup 2 Paris Trucks Black (150mm) Orangatang 4President( orange , purple or yellow) Loaded Jedu
Setup 3 Randal R-2 Trucks Black (150mm) Orangatang 4President ( orange , purple or yellow) Loaded Jedu
Setup 4 Randal R-2 Trucks Raw (150mm) Orangatang 4President ( orange , purple or yellow) Loaded Jedu
Setup 5 Tracker Race S Trucks (150mm) Abec 11 Strikers 66mm Loaded Jedu
Setup 6 Urban Blue Trucks (150mm) Urban Blue 70mm Whites Code Abec 7
Setup 7 Deck Only
board separator Loaded Poke
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Available Options:
Loaded Poke
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